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It’s May!

Which is really like April, right? 

I’ve been away from the blog because.  Because is such a odd looking and sounding word, isn’t it? In French, it is parce que–still two syllables; in Italian, it’s perche (how does one add an accent in the blogosphere?)–again, two beats.  However, the English form–because–also two beats, doesn’t look as genteel or as sweet as the Romance versions.  Looks very DEUTSCH to me.  Maybe it’s the dangling legs of the French version, a patron casually seated at a bar, sipping; or the balance of the Italian version.  Look at it.  It has an equanimity of space about it–the drop of the “p” and the wave (“Ciao, amici!”) of the “h”.  Call me crazy but I like looking a t words and letters as much as I like hearing them and saying them and writing them.  How about you?

Oh–We cancelled the May reading in order to celebrate la Mama.  I will be reading on June 24 with Neal Hall–the “Poet Surgeon”.  Neal’s book, “Nigger for Life” is new and his voice is important and stirring.  Come on out.  Also, just booked Grant Clausers, the Poet Laureate of Montgomery County, PA. for November.  He will be reading with J. C. Todd.  Yum.  Fiery. 

Stay tuned.

PS  When you look at a clock, do you see the Circle of Fifths?

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