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February Reading at The Good Karma Cafe

Hanoch Guy and Anne Kaier were the featured readers last night.  Anne treated us to some flash fiction, a prose poem, and poems in free verse that led us all into her inner rooms.  Her work is always well-crafted, but the tone these particular  selections seemed very interior to me, making my time with her more intimate  intimate.   Hanoch has a new chapbook out, The Road to Timbuktu, which is a poetic road map of his interior and exterior travels.  He invented an island of cinnamon, and took a trip to Treasure Island (every boy’s dream!).  He built a bridge, or at least walked across one, from the Galapagos to New Jersey.  Hanoch’s travelogue was packed with sights, sounds, smells, and the feel of cloth.  I felt as though I could reach out and make sand angels in the desert.

I didn’t know what to expect when I paired Anne and Hanoch for this reading, making the satisfaction afterward doubly sweet.


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